Agile Fluency Project


The Agile Fluency Project offers public and private workshops. To inquire about a private workshop for an individual or group, contact us.

2 Hours to 2 Days
  • Workshop
  • In-Person or Remote

Agile Fluency Game Workshop

Bring software development concepts to life with the Agile Fluency Game. Challenge prior assumptions and gain actionable insights about how to improve your organization’s software development capability. Participants will learn how individual software development practices fit into the big picture, what’s needed for success, and how to apply those ideas to the reality of your organization.

1–2 Days, Classroom
  • Workshop
  • In-Person

Game Facilitators’ Workshop

Get your own copy of the Agile Fluency Game! The Agile Fluency Game is an amazing hands-on tool for teaching teams and leaders how Agile works in practice. You’ll learn how to facilitate the game, then go even further as you design powerful interactive learning experiences from a series of mini-workshops involving the game materials.

3 Months, Remote
  • Workshop
  • Remote

Agile Fluency Diagnostic Facilitators’ Workshop

Experience the highest level of attention and practice in our premier workshop for Agile change agents. You’ll learn how to use the Agile Fluency Model, Agile Fluency Lifecycle, and Agile Fluency Diagnostic in a tight-knit, small learning group.

3 Weeks, Remote
  • Workshop
  • Remote

Diagnosing and Improving Agile Capability

How can you improve your organization’s agility? In this intensive and immersive workshop, you’ll learn how to use the Agile Fluency Model, Agile Fluency Lifecycle, and Agile Fluency Diagnostic to understand your organization and influence change.

Note: This workshop is a condensed version of our Agile Fluency Facilitators’ Workshop listed above. Because this is an accelerated course, there is less opportunity for deliberate practice and individual attention. If you would like the full experience built on a sequence of real-life, hands-on deliberate practice assignments with interim coaching, please consider the Agile Fluency Facilitators’ Workshop instead.