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Agile Fluency Project

Workshops & Events

The Agile Fluency Project hosts regular online discussions and organizes in-person workshops and gatherings. Champions of the Agile Fluency™ Model speak frequently around the world.

Upcoming Events

  • Workshop
  • International Remote

Agile Fluency Diagnostic Facilitators’ Workshop

Become licensed to use the Agile Fluency Diagnostic so you can create alignment with management, chart courses for teams, and secure organizational support for systemic improvement. Our Agile Fluency Diagnostic Facilitators’ Workshop is an in-depth, small-cohort training for experienced consultants and coaches. We work closely with you to ensure that you, your needs, and the workshop series are a good match.

Cohorts are exclusively for experienced coaches and consultants. You will form a learning group of no more than eight people and learn from each others’ strengths and experiences. You will participate in eight live, instructor-led sessions conducted remotely over the course of three months. Each teaching session is followed by deliberate practice assignments so that you can learn by doing and that you and your fellow learners will use as case studies. Intermediate coaching circle discussions support you as use and apply the knowledge gained at each stage.

These are the three main components:

  • “Framing the Opportunity:” Learn how to use the Agile Fluency Model to understand organizational needs and create alignment with management.
  • “Assessing the Current State:” Learn how to use the Agile Fluency Diagnostic to help teams chart their course and collect qualitative and quantitative data.
  • “Partnering with Management:” Learn how to use the results of the Diagnostic to create organizational support for meaningful and effective systemic change.

Training cohorts start monthly. If you are interested in joining our next cohort, apply by emailing info@agilefluency.org. We’ll follow up with an exploratory call to ensure we’re a good fit for each other.

By emailing us, you consent to being contacted about our products and services. More details.

  • Workshop
  • Louisville, Kentucky (USA)

Perfecting Practice Adoption with the Agile Fluency Game

Facilitate the Agile Fluency Game and hone your team’s approach to adopting agile practices.

As a player of the Agile Fluency Game, you take on the role of a team adopting Agile for the first time. The team’s challenge is deciding how to spend its limited time. Do you develop features or learn new Agile practices? Which features? Which practices? Features are the only way to earn points, but Agile practices help you deliver more. Experienced practitioners praise the way the game reflects their personal experiences.

You’ll learn expert facilitation techniques to use in your own coaching, training, and team-building activities, and you’ll learn to conduct several bonus activities using the game materials. Each activity provides another way to engage your audience and teach them about important Agile concepts!