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Agile Fluency Project

Workshops & Events

The Agile Fluency Project hosts regular online discussions and organizes in-person workshops and gatherings. Champions of the Agile Fluency™ Model speak frequently around the world.

Upcoming Events

  • Conference
  • Melbourne, Australia

What’s Next? Scrum Australia Keynote by James Shore

What comes next after you’ve achieved fluency with Scrum? In this keynote, James Shore surveys the possibilities. From technical practices and deep business agility to large-scale systems and the cutting edge of self-organization. When everything’s running smoothly and you’re ready for your next challenge… what’s next?

  • Workshop
  • Melbourne, Australia

Coaching for Results With the Agile Fluency Game

Create your own custom playbook and deploy the Agile Fluency Game as a powerful coaching tool. The Agile Fluency Game provides a rich platform for learning about the benefits and tradeoffs of adopting agile practices. You can use this physical, euro-style game to create stand-alone exercises or as part of a larger training course. Learn how as you create your own custom playbook from a series of mini-workshops using the game materials. You’ll receive your own copy of the Agile Fluency Game and learn its secrets. Then you’ll move beyond game facilitation as you gain the knowledge to design powerful interactive learning experiences!

  • Special Event
  • Johannesberg, Germany

Agile Fluency Gathering 2017

How can you use the Agile Fluency Model to influence organizations? Join the authors of the Agile Fluency Model and a group of leading Agile practitioners from around the world as we spend two days exploring concrete answers to this question!

  • Workshop
  • Cincinnati, Ohio

Perfecting Practice Adoption with the Agile Fluency Game

Facilitate the Agile Fluency Game and hone your team’s approach to adopting agile practices. You will receive your own copy of the Agile Fluency Game and learn expert facilitation techniques to use in your own coaching, training, and team-building activities. You’ll also learn how to conduct several bonus activities using the game materials. Each activity provides another way to engage your audience and teach them about important Agile concepts!