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Diana Larsen and James Shore co-founded the Agile Fluency Project with the goal that every team should work at the level of fluency that best fits their business’ needs. This site provides resources and links for improving your teams’ fluency.

Designed by Leading Agile Practitioners

The Agile Fluency Model describes an agile team’s pathway. You can use the model to chart a course for the team, create alignment with management, and secure organizational support for improvement.

James and Diana refined the Model through collaboration with agile practitioners and advice from other leading thinkers in the agile community. Martin Fowler published their original article.

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A Brief Guide To Success With Agile

Diana Larsen and James Shore originally published the Agile Fluency Model in 2012. The model grew from their collective experience working with many agile teams. They refined the model through collaboration with skilled practitioners and with advice from other leading thinkers in the agile community.

German, Spanish, Chinese, French, and Catalan translations are available, courtesy of the Agile community.

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