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Agile Fluency Project

The Agile Fluency® Diagnostic

Help your teams develop new capabilities

Use the Agile Fluency Diagnostic to understand how your teams are progressing and what you can do to help them.

The Diagnostic is a facilitated self-assessment conducted by experienced agile coaches. You can either work with a licensed facilitator or become licensed to conduct the Diagnostic yourself.

The Diagnostic Process

Determine Goals

The Diagnostic starts with you and your facilitator discussing your organizational goals and, based on those goals, which Agile Fluency Zones are the best fit for your teams.

Assess Current State

Next, your facilitator will lead a self-assessment workshop for each of your teams. The facilitator will use targeted questions and exercises to guide team members to new insights about the nature of their work, the benefits they’re providing, and where they have opportunities for improvement.

Synthesize Strategies

Finally, your facilitator will curate the results of all the self-assessment workshops into a set of reports and recommendations. Some will be given to teams, to reinforce the insights they gained from their workshops. Others will look at trends across all your teams, giving you new information about how your organizational system affects team fluency. Your facilitator will suggest several options for changes that will help you meet your organizational goals.

Contact a Licensed Facilitator Top

Jutta Eckstein

Phone +49 531 129 8884
Location Braunschweig, Germany

Jutta works as an independent coach, consultant, trainer, author, and speaker. She focuses her work on enabling agile development on the organizational level.

Service Area Europe; World-wide

Michael Fagan

Location Adelaide, Australia

Interested in agile and don’t know where to begin? I’m an agile coach and software craftsman helping organisations reach their agile transformation goals, which starts where you are right now.

Service Area Asia Pacific

Alan O'Callaghan

Phone +44 1455 637336
Location Leicestershire, UK

Helping organizations on their Agile journey through investment in self-organizing teams

Service Area UK; Ireland; Continental Europe and USA

Bart den Haak

Phone +31 20 262 2390
Location Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Bart helps software companies harness the power of OKRs and Agile to enhance company agility, performance, innovation and growth. Moving the needle, so that everyone across your company understands what matters most and is empowered to deliver it.

Service Area The Netherlands; Belgium; West-Germany; London, UK; Paris, France

Moving the Needle logo

Ahmed Avais

Phone +1 (773) 220-9036
Location Apex, North Carolina, USA

Ahmed uses curiosity to invite people into his teaching and learning. He starts where you are, with the team or the individual. Ahmed uses a variety of tools, all focused on helping you see your system, so you can choose how to make high performance real.

Service Area USA; World-wide

Wolf-Gideon Bleek

Phone +49 40 41 358 480
Location Hamburg, Germany

Wolf-Gideon works with it-agile, a 40+ coaches company dedicated to Agility. With roots in Software Engineering he has a passion for eXtreme Programming and delivering fast and frequently. Wolf-Gideon coaches all aspects of agile software development and conducts agile transitions. He is a trainer, author, coach and speaker.

Service Area Germany; Austria; Switzerland

Stefan Wolpers

Phone +49 171 3030321
Location Berlin, Germany

Stefan has worked for 12-plus years as an agile coach, scrum master, and product owner. He serves both publicly-listed enterprises as well as fast-growing startups, including non-software companies.

Service Area Germany; Austria; Switzerland; UK; Netherlands

Allison Pollard

Phone +1 214-773-6223
Location Dallas, TX

A creative facilitator, a coach who services a more agile future, a dependable thinking partner. Allison Pollard helps people discover their agile instincts and develop their coaching abilities.

Service Area Dallas, TX (USA)

Pete Tansey (aka agilePete)

Phone +64 27 2481868
Location Wellington, New Zealand

An experienced agile coach and trainer, Pete loves helping teams become fluent by exploring practical ways of helping them introduce agile thinking and practices into their workplace.

Service Area New Zealand wide; Brisbane, Australia; Vancouver, Canada

Darren Terrell

Phone +1 (765) 748-6449
Location Indianapolis, Indiana; Jacksonville, Florida

Full-stack Agile consultancy that specializes in enterprise transformations, teams coaching, and leadership coaching. This includes performing Agile Fluency diagnostics as part of assessments and during coaching to chart your journey.

Service Area USA; Canada

Thomas Nilefalk

Phone +46 (0) 13 219250
Location Linköping, Sweden

Helping developing organizations develop using modern methods, tools and techniques. Primarily work with software companies and organizations. Providing mentoring, coaching, workshops, project management and operative development services.

Service Area Sweden; Scandinavia

Lisbeth Kjellberg

Phone +45 52 15 01 41
Location Copenhagen, Denmark

Helping and work as trusted advisor for executive management and assist companies in their digital and agile transformation. Lisbeth focuses on enabling agile development within teams and on organizational level.

Service Area Denmark; Norway; Sweden; Iceland; Finland; Europe

Muhammad Ali Kazmi

Phone +49-231-9860-606
Location Frankfurt, Germany

SW-Development is an art that requires continuous learning and practicing. I mentor teams to master this art by figuring out how to continuously improve themselves using agile practices & principles.

Service Area Germany; Switzerland; France; Austria; Tunisia

Jose Ramón Díaz

Location San Sebastian, Spain

Jose Ramón is an experienced Agile Coach and trainer. He has worked in many different sectors, from nanotechnology to finance. He helps organisations to become what people really want from them, focusing on leadership and system thinking.

Service Area Spain; Europe

Jim York

Location Leesburg, Virginia

Jim is a writer, speaker, coach, and trainer with deep and broad experience working with both executives and teams to better balance agility and focus.

Service Area USA; World-wide

Terrance Turpin

Location Fort Worth, Texas

With over 20 years of experience in software development, Terrance is passionate about helping teams take ownership of their journey to serve their customers better by helping them understand well-traveled paths and explore uncharted territories.

Service Area Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

Salah Elleithy

Location Ellicott City, Maryland

A coach and facilitator on a mission to spark courageous curiosity with a twist of play. Salah helps individuals, teams and organizations learn faster and become better one day at a time.

Service Area United States; Canada

Dino Zafirakos

Phone +34 671 21 99 61
Location Barcelona, Spain

Dino is an Agile Coach and facilitator helping teams and organisations become the best versions of themselves through the notion of "never perfect, always improving" and achieving amazing results along the way.

Service Area Spain; EU; Australia

Jorge Heras

Phone +52 1 6621876173
Location Hermosillo, México

Master Coach and business consultant who helps organizations, teams and leaders to face the complexity and uncertainty of the current world and grow in a sustainable way, providing guidance through training, coaching and mentoring.

Service Area Latin America, USA

Sameer Bendre

Phone +1-770-876-3563
Location Atlanta, GA

Sameer is an agile software delivery leader with extensive experience in it. He focuses on delivering value to his customers and strives to implement the proper framework per the need.

Service Area Americas; World-wide

Rowan Bunning

Phone +61 1300 1 72786
Location Sydney, Australia

Scrum WithStyle has provided high impact Agile training and coaching since 2008. Specialists in Scrum, LeSS, Agile Leadership, Org Culture and Org Design. Founded by Rowan Bunning — a Certified Scrum Trainer® & Certified Agile Leadership accredited.

Service Area Australia; New Zealand; Singapore; Philippines; Malaysia

Lin Oon Kean

Phone +65 62209908
Location Singapore

Kean is an Agile Coach with PALO IT, an international consultancy in Human Centered Design, Agile software development, and transformation. He is a firm advocate of Extreme Programming and enjoys coaching teams in agility.

Service Area Singapore, Asia Pacific, Worldwide

Phillip Schmanski

Phone 1-630-247-3464
Location Chicago, Illinois

Team building through relationships and values. Agile Coaching through facilitation and mentorship. Business outcomes through accountability and improvement.

Service Area Chicagoland Area

Cyriel Vringer

Phone +31 (0) 6 53 721 337
Location Amersfoort, Nederland

Proving that Agile can really benefit your company, that’s what drives me. With roots in software engineering, I’ve helped companies and teams moving forward in their agile transition. Want to hear the complete stories? Contact me!

Service Area Nederlands

Michael Tarnowski

Phone 4.91727E+11
Location Wiesbaden, Germany

Michael is an agile & executive coach, scrum master, and innovation coach. He helps you to improve your product development playfully.

Service Area Europe, Swiss

Asad Safari

Phone 00989149120914
Location Tehran, Iran

Asad Safari is an Enterprise Lean/Agile Coach. He has worked as an Agile coach for more than 8 years with several enterprises and startups. He has more than 14 years experience in the IT industry as a Software Developer, Tester, and finally an agile practitioner.

Service Area Asia, Middle East

Ola Sundin

Phone +46 (0) 706 643 987
Location Malmö, Sweden

Curious Island provides training, coaching and workshops helping organisations, teams, leaders and projects to adopt or adapt an Agile mindset to increase chances of success.

Service Area Europe

Curious Island logo

Ken Judy

Phone (212) 634-­7240
Location New York, NY

Ken Judy is an Executive, Coach, Product Owner and Developer with 15+ years of experience leading iterative and collaborative teams. Chief Operating Officer at Stride Consulting in NYC, overseeing day to day operations and planning and execution of our one to three year strategies.

Service Area New York City

Michael Silvi

Phone (212) 634-­7240
Location New York, NY

Michael is a Principal Consultant at Stride, an NYC agile consultancy. He is passionate about coaching organizations, loves software engineering, sociotechnical systems, and leading teams to collaboratively deliver products focused on user value.

Service Area New York City

Carlos Oliveira

Phone 1-647-204-0647
Location Toronto, ON Canada

Carlos Oliveira is a principal advisor at adaptiveX, a product design and innovation consultancy. At adaptiveX, we help organizations achieve radical focus and create better products by using the latest in human-centered design, business agility and innovation strategy.

Service Area Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Calgary, Nova Scotia, Vancouver, New York, Boston, Chicago

Grant Beck

Phone (206) 529-5095
Location Seattle, WA

As an experienced servant leader and agile instructor, Grant strives to help organizations realize the greatest ROI in their agile initiatives in order to deliver the greatest value to their customers.

Service Area Puget Sound Region

Plaster Group logo

Greg Tutunjian

Phone +1 (617) 320-7660
Location Milton, MA

I’m a former developer, team manager, people manager and leader (leading engagements and delivering services to non-technical users) who was fortunate to have sufficient latitude in each of these roles to be effective and successful. I would like to help others find comparable effectiveness, success, and happiness in their use of Agile.

Service Area New England; New York; New Jersey; Maryland; Illinois; Eastern Canada

Marc Evers

Phone +31 6 4455 0003
Location Nieuwegein, The Netherlands

Marc is an independent software development coach, trainer & consultant, taking a systemic approach to help software organizations become better & more fun. An agile practitioner since 2001, he co-founded the Agile Open & XP Days Benelux conferences.

Service Area Europe

Rob Westgeest

Phone +31 6 45 776 328
Location Hilvarenbeek, The Netherlands

Rob is an enthusiastic software developer and coach. He works with teams to become better at delivering software sustainably. At QWAN, he takes a systemic approach to understanding and improving software delivery.

Service Area The Netherlands; Belgium; Germany

Adriana-Elena Iancu

Phone +39 366 6855696
Location Vienna, Austria

Adriana believes in simplicity and common sense and tries to fully apply these beliefs in her activities as an Agile Coach. It’s Adriana’s goal to build effective teams, create clarity and focus on business goals, and create value together in a meaningful way.

Service Area Vienna, Austria

Adam Myhr

Phone +1 (720) 504-6440
Location Denver, CO, USA

Adam is at his best when he can help others do better. He comes to your organization to provide outside perspective and advice on how your organization can improve in quality, time to market, and value delivery through the application of Agile practices.

Service Area Colorado, USA; USA; Canada

Mathias Eifert

Phone (703) 840-8600
Location Arlington, VA

Mathias Eifert is a Lean-Agile coach and delivery lead with twenty years of commercial and public sector experience consulting organizations on improving their teams, systems, products, and leadership by implementing Lean and Agile concepts.

Service Area USA; Canada

Dr. Dave Cornelius

Phone +1-520-443-0072
Location Tucson, AZ

Dr. Dave Cornelius is a Servant Leader at and founder of IMERSHEN, LLC. He is an entrepreneur, coach and trainer, and serves his community. His mantra is Helping People Achieve Awesomeness.

Service Area Tucson; Phoenix area, Southern & Northern California; Utah; Portland

Brian Lenihan

Phone +1-206-372-5566
Location Seattle, WA

Software Development Leader promoting Agile fluency with experience in Business Solutions, Aerospace, IoT, and Agriculture.

Service Area Seattle; Portland; Northwest USA

Oluf Nissen

Phone +1-408-641-0732
Location San Francisco Bay Area

Oluf is an approachable, pragmatic Agile Coach with a long, hands-on background of software development. He works by building foundational relationships, and partnering at eye level to uncover and loosen what makes change difficult to accomplish.

Service Area San Francisco Bay Area

Harry Nieboer

Phone +31-6-11870707
Location Veenendaal, The Netherlands

Helping teams and organisations making current bottlenecks visible and finding first steps in improvement. Operation mode: cross-pollinator.

Service Area Netherlands

Ulrich Rücker

Phone +4915731330099
Location Hanau, Germany

]m[ provides: Agile Health Assessments incl. tool selection; Personality Coaching e.g. via systemic coaching, constellations; Gestalt therapy and mental coaching.

Service Area Frankfurt; Rhein-Main; Germany, Österreich, Schweiz

Ulrich Rücker Headshot

Frank Schmitz

Phone +49 40 48405930
Location Hamburg, Germany

Frank is the founder of mindmatters — a 25-member company of developers, UX designers and agile coaches. Frank is a passionate advocate of agility. mindmatters works with companies from startups to corporations — also regularly on strategic questions of digitization. 

Service Area Germany

Andreas Simon

Phone +49 251 590 491 550
Location Münster, Germany

Andreas works as an independent agile coach and consultant since 2011. He helps teams to deliver valuable software together, reliably. Essential elements of his work are Test-Driven Development, Clean Code, and regular retrospectives.

Service Area Germany; Austria; Switzerland; Europe

Barbie Elsasser

Phone (262) 477-3155
Location Boulder, CO

Digital Transformation Consultant, Digital Product Delivery Specialist, Enterprise Agile Coach

Service Area USA

Tunji Taiwo

Phone (302) 265-3070
Location Wilmington, DE

Tratus Group provides hands on expertise for digital strategy development, and digital product delivery from conception through execution using Agile frmework. We offer Agile coaching and fluency assessments for clients seeking to maximize value.

Service Area Flexible, willing to work in most USA locations and international locations

Emilia Breton

Phone (408) 206-3021
Location San Ramon, CA

As an agile coach I am constantly looking for new ways to build better software and make the world a better place. I believe that teams who play together can accomplish anything.

Service Area San Francisco Bay Area, and remote

Barbara Neumayr

Location Vienna

I am an agile Coach and CSP with 20+ years experience in management of software development projects and Coaching teams and organisations when adopting Agile. In addition, I am a trained mediator for all work- and industry-related disputes.

Service Area Vienna; Austria; Slovakia; Bavaria; remote

Malcolm Lisle

Phone +44(0) 70902423494
Location South East England

One common theme has prevailed in every organisation I have helped. Allow the people to excel at what they do best and they will. The trick is identifying what is holding them back.

Service Area South East England

Miquel Rodriguez

Phone +34 933 041 720
Location Barcelona

Miquel is the Consulting Director at Netmind, leading organizational improvements and agile transformations. Netmind helps your people drive, promote and lead the transformation required for the digital age through training and consultative services.

Service Area Spain; Europe; USA; Latin America

Leise Passer Jensen

Phone +45 6171 7353
Location Fredensborg, Denmark

Leise Passer Jensen founded her company AgiliT in 2018 to develop lean-agile practitioners, leaders and organisations who thrive with new ways of working in the network organization without inefficient bureaucracy. Leise is an engaging and involving facilitator and trainer.

Service Area Denmark

Richard Lissimore

Phone +44 397895808
Location London, United Kingdom

A business process innovation, product development and training consultancy facilitating practical, tailored outcomes and true agility. Headquartered in the United Kingdom.

Service Area United Kingdom; EU; USA; Canada; Australia; New Zealand

Ian Reed

Phone +64 (0)211 888925
Location Wellington, New Zealand

Specialising in the practical application of product management frameworks, design thinking, lean, agile, and human-centred design techniques to help teams identify, explore, and validate customer problems, and deliver solutions that solve them.

Service Area New Zealand; Australia; Asia Pacific; Worldwide

Harold Shinsato

Phone +1 (406) 777-3892
Location Stevensville, Montana, United States

Harold offers coaching towards personal and group actualization through personal and technical coaching, Open Space, Systemic Constellation work, and Clean Language.

Service Area North America

Rainer Englert

Phone +49 (0) 69 348759119
Location Frankfurt, Germany

Rainer is an experienced agile consultant and coach. He focuses his work on enabling agile development on the team, product and organizational level.

Service Area Germany; Austria; Switzerland

Willem van den Ende

Willem works as a developer and consultant. Agile fluency diagnostics aid teams and their managers in identifying gaps they didn’t know they had before, regardless of how used they are to reflecting on their work.

Service Area UK, EU, and online

Lilian Nijboer

Phone +31 6 5151 2676
Location Utrecht

Lilian is an experienced coach who supports organisations in creating an optimal way of working together by starting where they are.

Service Area Worldwide

Sandra Warmolts

Phone +31 6 5089 2124
Location Groningen, The Netherlands

Agile & Team coach, Agile Product Management

Service Area The Netherlands

Michel Grootjans

Location Vilvoorde, Belgium

Michel is an developer, coach, mentor and trainer. His main focus is helping teams to aim for sustainable software delivery through continuous improvement and technical excellence.

Service Area Belgium; The Netherlands; France

Jesús Hernández Tapia

Location Victoria, BC Canada

Jesús is an Agile and Certified Organizational Coach. With a people-centred approach, Jesús supports private and government organizations in achieving higher business agility and becoming value-creating and learning organizations.

Service Area Canada

Irfan Shariff

Location Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I am an agile & DevOps trainer, consultant, and coach passionate about helping teams and organizations succeed in the current digital age by adopting agile and DevOps ways of developing, delivering, and operating software-based products and services.

Service Area Canada; USA

Ivan Aksenov

Phone +61410854088
Location Stirling, South Australia

Ivan is an Agile Coach who facilitates next generation teams in Agile ways of working. Helping businesses focus on value streams and empowering teams.

Service Area Adelaide

Zhanhong (Larissa) Liang

Phone +8613910731952
Location Beijing, China

Zhanhong (Larissa) is an experienced executive coach and agility consultant.  She dedicates herself to help people, team and leaders transit from traditional business to digital business model via assessing agility and providing training solution.

Service Area China; Singapore; and willing to work remotely or travel globally

Note: Although Diagnostic licensees undergo in-depth training, these listings are not endorsements. Please interview facilitators to ensure their experience fits your needs.

Become a Licensed Facilitator Top

Interested in using the Agile Fluency Suite to conduct the Diagnostic yourself? Become licensed! Licenses are available for experienced independent consultants and teams of organizational coaches. Our licensing process includes in-depth, small-cohort training. Learn everything you need to make a meaningful difference in your organizations.

Request the License