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Agile Fluency Project

The Agile Fluency Diagnostic

Help your teams develop new capabilities

Use the Agile Fluency Diagnostic to understand how your teams are progressing and what you can do to help them.

The Diagnostic is a facilitated self-assessment conducted by experienced agile coaches. You can either work with a licensed facilitator or become licensed to conduct the Diagnostic yourself.

The Diagnostic Process

Determine Goals

The Diagnostic starts with you and your facilitator discussing your organizational goals and, based on those goals, which Agile Fluency Zones are the best fit for your teams.

Assess Current State

Next, your facilitator will lead a self-assessment workshop for each of your teams. The facilitator will use targeted questions and exercises to guide team members to new insights about the nature of their work, the benefits they’re providing, and where they have opportunities for improvement.

Synthesize Strategies

Finally, your facilitator will curate the results of all the self-assessment workshops into a set of reports and recommendations. Some will be given to teams, to reinforce the insights they gained from their workshops. Others will look at trends across all your teams, giving you new information about how your organizational system affects team fluency. Your facilitator will suggest several options for changes that will help you meet your organizational goals.

Contact a Licensed Facilitator Top

Jutta Eckstein

Phone +49 531 129 8884
Email AgileFluency@jeckstein.com
Location Braunschweig, Germany

Jutta works as an independent coach, consultant, trainer, author, and speaker. She focuses her work on enabling agile development on the organizational level.

Service Area Europe; World-wide

Michael Fagan

Phone +61 1300 747 838
Email sales@innodev.com.au
Location Adelaide, Australia

Interested in agile and don’t know where to begin? I’m an agile coach and software craftsman helping organisations reach their agile transformation goals, which starts where you are right now.

Service Area Adelaide; Brisbane; Melbourne (Australia)

Alan O'Callaghan

Phone +44 1455 637336
Email info@emerald-hill.co.uk
Location Leicestershire, UK

Helping organizations on their Agile journey through investment in self-organizing teams

Service Area UK; Ireland; Continental Europe and USA

Bart den Haak

Phone +31 20 262 2390
Email bart@leanbart.com
Location Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I’m an independent lean/agile software development expert who helps your (Bus)Dev(Ops) teams with delivering value, reducing defects and technical debt dramatically, increase throughput and alignment of strategic objectives and key results. Why wait? Contact me now.

Service Area The Netherlands; Belgium; West-Germany; London, UK; Paris, France

Ahmed Avais

Phone +1 (773) 220-9036
Email ahmed@designedprojects.com
Location North Carolina, USA

Helping organizations invest in their teams for optimal outcomes with a focus on Business Agility, Product Coaching, Lean, Kanban, and Design Thinking

Service Area East and South East USA

Wolf-Gideon Bleek

Phone +49 40 41 358 480
Email info@it-agile.de
Location Hamburg, Germany

Wolf-Gideon works with it-agile, a 40+ coaches company dedicated to Agility. With roots in Software Engineering he has a passion for eXtreme Programming and delivering fast and frequently. Wolf-Gideon coaches all aspects of agile software development and conducts agile transitions. He is a trainer, author, coach and speaker.

Service Area Germany; Austria; Switzerland

Stefan Wolpers

Phone +49 171 3030321
Email stefan.wolpers@berlin-product-people.com
Location Berlin, Germany

Stefan has worked for 12-plus years as an agile coach, scrum master, and product owner. He serves both publicly-listed enterprises as well as fast-growing startups, including non-software companies.

Service Area Germany; Austria; Switzerland; UK; Netherlands

Allison Pollard

Phone +1 214-773-6223
Email allison.pollard@improving.com
Location Dallas, TX

A creative facilitator, a coach who services a more agile future, a dependable thinking partner. Allison Pollard helps people discover their agile instincts and develop their coaching abilities.

Service Area Dallas, TX (USA)

Mark Henery

Phone +61 433 436 378
Email mark@applecartproject.com.au
Location Melbourne, Australia

Agile has become an Industry for large, old-school consultancies and is no longer the discipline it once was—it’s lost its way! Agile Fluency and The Applecart Project is Agile’s Batman & Robin.

Service Area Australia Wide

Pete Tansey (aka agilePete)

Phone +64 27 2481868
Email agilepete@petonimahi.co.nz
Location Wellington, New Zealand

An experienced agile coach and trainer, Pete loves helping teams become fluent by exploring practical ways of helping them introduce agile thinking and practices into their workplace.

Service Area New Zealand wide; Brisbane, Australia; Vancouver, Canada

Darren Terrell

Phone +1 (765) 748-6449
Email darren@projectbrilliant.com
Location Indianapolis, Indiana; Jacksonville, Florida

Full-stack Agile consultancy that specializes in enterprise transformations, teams coaching, and leadership coaching. This includes performing Agile Fluency diagnostics as part of assessments and during coaching to chart your journey.

Service Area USA; Canada

Andrew Webster

Phone +1 (408) 915-5191
Email contact@wisdomat.work
Location San Jose, California

Personal, Team, and Organization transformation of capacity, effectiveness, and experience in the workplace. I help you know what to do when you don’t know what to do, and have a great time doing it!

Service Area San Francisco Bay Area

Thomas Nilefalk

Phone +46 (0)13 219250
Email info@responsive.se
Location Linköping, Sweden

Helping developing organizations develop using modern methods, tools and techniques. Primarily work with software companies and organizations. Providing mentoring, coaching, workshops, project management and operative development services.

Service Area Sweden; Scandinavia

Lisbeth Kjellberg

Phone +45 52 15 01 41
Email lkj@h2i.dk
Location Copenhagen, Denmark

Lisbeth works as trusted advisor for executive management and assist companies in their digital transformation. She focuses on enabling agile development within teams and on organizational level.

Service Area Denmark; Norway; Sweden; Iceland; Finland; Europe

Muhammad Ali Kazmi

Phone +49-231-9860-606
Email info@itemis.de
Location Frankfurt, Germany

SW-Development is an art that requires continuous learning and practicing. I mentor teams to master this art by figuring out how to continuously improve themselves using agile practices & principles.

Service Area Germany; Switzerland; France; Austria; Tunisia

Jose Ramón Díaz

Email joserra@ynspira.com
Location San Sebastian, Spain

Jose Ramón is an experienced Agile Coach and trainer. He has worked in many different sectors, from nanotechnology to finance. He helps organisations to become what people really want from them, focusing on leadership and system thinking.

Service Area Spain; Europe

Jim York

Email jim@foxhedgeltd.com
Location Leesburg, Virginia

Jim is a writer, speaker, coach, and trainer with deep and broad experience working with both executives and teams to better balance agility and focus.

Service Area USA; World-wide

Terrance Turpin

Email terrance@gloriousadventures.com
Location Fort Worth, Texas

With over 20 years of experience in software development, Terrance is passionate about helping teams take ownership of their journey to serve their customers better by helping them understand well-traveled paths and explore uncharted territories.

Service Area Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

Jenny Tarwater

Email jenny@blueshiftinnovation.com
Location Kansas City, Missouri

Jenny is an independent Agile Coach, & Trainer fostering collaboration within software teams for almost 25 years. She partners with organizations adopting Agile values, principles & practices through experiential learning and just in time coaching.

Service Area USA; World-wide

Greg Lindsay

Email greg@hypothesisconsulting.com.au
Location Sydney, Australia

Greg is a principal consultant with Hypothesis — a people-focused, digital transformation consultancy based in Sydney, Australia. He has nearly two decades of experience in lean and agile coaching, consulting, software development and product management.

Service Area Sydney; Melbourne; Canberra; Brisbane

Salah Elleithy

Email salah@sparkagility.com
Location Ellicott City, Maryland

A coach and facilitator on a mission to spark courageous curiosity with a twist of play. Salah helps individuals, teams and organizations learn faster and become better one day at a time.

Service Area United States; Canada

Diana Williams

Phone +1 (317) 372-8423
Email diana@projectbrilliant.com
Location Indianapolis, Indiana

Full-stack Agile consultancy that specializes in enterprise transformations, teams coaching, and leadership coaching. This includes performing Agile Fluency diagnostics as part of assessments and during coaching to chart your journey.

Service Area United States; Canada

Sophie Randel

Phone +49 721 619 021-0
Email info@inovex.de
Location Germany

Sophie is passionate about building digital products and loves supporting product development teams grow their strength and continuously improve themselves and the product.

Service Area Germany

Dino Zafirakos

Phone +34 671 21 99 61
Email dino@wayofkaizen.com
Location Barcelona, Spain

Dino is an Agile Coach and facilitator helping teams and organisations become the best versions of themselves through the notion of "never perfect, always improving" and achieving amazing results along the way.

Service Area Spain; EU; Australia

Dhaval Shah

Phone +44 7985 738949
Email info@jcurv.com
Location London, United Kingdom

JCURV’s mission is to increase the UK’s agility and productivity by helping large organizations thrive in an increasingly changing and fast-paced world. We do this by introducing agile ways of working, at enterprise-level, at Board-level through to the frontline in order to rapidly solve business challenges whilst building sustainable capability.

Service Area United Kingdom; Europe

Akbar Salami

Phone 4922134027610
Email akbar.salimi@se-co.de
Location Cologne, Germany

SE-Consulting’s vision is to improve the world of work through agility. We empower our clients and accompany them through the exciting journey of agile transformation through the development of strategic issues and operational support, the introduction of agile frameworks, the use of agile methodologies and cultural change through agile mindset.

Service Area Germany

Note: Although Diagnostic licensees undergo in-depth training, these listings are not endorsements. Please interview facilitators to ensure their experience fits your needs.

Become a Licensed Facilitator Top

Interested in using the Agile Fluency Suite to conduct the Diagnostic yourself? Become licensed! Licenses are available for experienced independent consultants and teams of organizational coaches. Our licensing process includes in-depth, small-cohort training. Learn everything you need to make a meaningful difference in your organizations.

Request the License