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Interview by Dave Cornelius: "Diana Larsen, What is going on in Portland Oregon?"

Interview by Dave Cornelius:

Dr. Dave Cornelius Photo by © Dave Cornelius on Knolshare with Dr. Dave Blog.

In a recent episode of KnolShare with Dr. Dave’s podcast “Agile for Humanity” series, Agie Fluency Project co-founder Diana Larsen shares her experiences and perspectives about social justice in the United States and her view that agile practitioners have a role to play. In the interview, Dave Cornelius, licensed Agile Fluency facilitator, asked Diana about a variety of topics, including: social unrest, the history of racism in Oregon, how to use retrospectives in DEI conversations, how to apply practices from Agile Fluency Suite, hopes for social justice, the role of agile practitioners, and more.

Watch the video here.